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Frontier Association for special people is a non-profit organization. It provides special education and training for mental and physically handicapped children and grown ups. The aim is to develop the person to a healthy individual useful to society and have a dignified life. FAMH came in to being in 1981.



Our Vision



How to get there?

For this school to keep improving and upgrading school facilities to better the lives of children.

An exchange program of teacher from across the world to stay abreast with requirements and techniques for special people.

Our vision is also to make this school financially independent to have staff paid substantial salaries to have continuity in their services in this venture. Creating awareness amongst a larger segment of society to contribute for these mentally challenged people could be the solution to keep it functioning without constant request “Unity is Strength”. The idea of a thousand people contributing Rs 5000 in 12 months could give Rs 5 Million. Amounting to 4 lacs and 16 thousand per month enabling the school to pay bills and salaries even surplus for additional staff training and students. This school is a charitable institution dependent on your interest and charity. Local and international donations will be given to Frontier Association for Mentally Handicapped or direct to the school.